How to Clean Your Jewelry Pieces

Cleaning your jewelry is usually a difficult task, particularly if are not aware of your work. Though professional cleaning services are often recommended (and often offered totally free by many jewelers), strategies you are able to clean your jewelry to maintain it sparkling among those professional cleanings.


When cleaning diamonds, utilize a soft bristled brush that is non-metallic as well as a solution comprised of mild ammonia and water. Use the brush to carefully scrub away any build-up which has formed on the jewel.

Avoid touching your diamond after you have cleaned it for the reason that oil out of your hands can certainly dull it.


When cleaning any form of birthstone jewelry or gemstones, it is just a lot easier than a great many other pieces. With a bowl of warm and water and soap, soak your gemstone pieces for a couple of minutes. Remove them and then make use of a non-metallic and soft brush to softly remove any grime which includes formed over the pieces.

Never use harsh chemicals or a rough brush that may scratch the surface of the precious stones. If you notice that your jewel is dull after cleaning, grow it in your local jeweler to make it re-oiled.


Pearls are very an easy task to damage, particularly when cleaning yourself. Pearls can be easily dulled out in the cleaning process; it is therefore usually recommended that any pearl jewelry be cleaned by a professional as if your local Kay’s Jewelry as opposed to wanting to clean them yourself.


Most metals are very durable and hard to damage with self-cleaning. Use a amount of rubbing alcohol on a soft cloth or brush to dissolve the grime. If your little bit of jewelry is solid metal for instance a set of gold stud earrings, then you’ll be able to simply soak them in a small solution of rubbing alcohol for a few minutes.

Remember to never soak any metals who have pearls or any other precious birthstone jewelry that come with them.

The Use of Ultrasonic Cleaners

You have probably seen them inside the jewelry store or perhaps your overall store – the ultrasonic cleaner. These clean jewelry by utilizing sound waves that gently vibrate the grime from your piece. Though it shakes off dirt and grime, it may also severely damage your little bit of jewelry.